Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dragon Hour

Dragon Hour. This is what I call my daily drawing time. Many years ago my friend David Hedgecock said in a letter (we used to write letters before there was email, you know) that simply drawing for 20 minutes a day will get you results. And he was absolutely correct.

My dear friend Cyd Clark-Praxis and I have always had a mantra: Finish It. This came from some advice he was given by Neil Gaiman at a con. Basically, finish it. Cringe later. This has become a war cry for us and I’m taking it in my own direction this year with Dragon Hour, my own personal version of Finish It.

Naturally the goal is spend one hour drawing each day. Not just random doodling, but working toward a finished thing. Usually a comic. So in 2010 I’m resolved to doing this. It is my religion, in a sense.

I’m going to post some updates here as to how each day’s Dragon Hour is going. Boring stuff for most of you, but here it is anyway. An artist’s personal journey from being far too loose and random to being adequately on track and productive.

The comic I’m committed to right now is Zyn Dweomer. I started that one Christmas 2008 and it is by far the one comic I’ve been most consistent with in my entire life. I recently shifted from color to black and white in order to finish more pages in a timely manner and, more importantly, because I really do enjoy drawing in black and white more than I enjoy color.

Rock on, as they say.

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